The Famous Plaques of the East End
NEW FOR 2024!

A band new illustrated talk, representing people and places of the East End in the 20th Century.
Featuring Jimi Hendrix, who wrote Purple Haze at The Upper Cut Club in Forrest Gate in 1966. Sir George Edwards, the designer of Concord, born in Highams Park in 1908. Beryl Swain, the first woman to ride a motorcycle in the Isle of Man TT Race of 1962.
Learn about infamous and tragic incidents. On the 13th of June 1944, the first V1 Rocket hit the train tracks at Grove Road, Mile End, killing 6 people and injuring many more. In the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster of 1943, one hundred and seventy-three people lost their lives in the worst civilian disaster of World War 2 and the truth was covered up for 34 years.
These and many more stories will unfold in...The Famous Plaques of the East End.